Services - Customs Clearance

Customs clearance

Duty rates, customs clearance, and entry processes differ from country to country. Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management can create confusion and increase costs. And customs and security initiatives have imposed new regulations on companies that make it more challenging than ever to trade internationally.
Amco Freight offer full custom clearance and processing services for import and export shipments. Our network of regional branches and representatives in all airports and sea ports ensure maximum accuracy in document handling. We are a trusted interface with various governmental departments and boast a list of very have customers.

Our Services include the following:

  • Final Exportation & Final Importation.
  • Temporary permit & Draw back.
  • Transit - Sales tax return.
  • Preparation of all necessary customs required documents.
  • Commodity Harmonized custom tariff identification.
  • Temporary admission and Drawback entries.
  •  Different Authority Inspections.
  • Timely controlled customs procedures.